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They trust us

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Alexandre Emelyianov - Digital - L'Oréal

Could not be better in such a short dev time. I’m very impressed by the work on your end and efficient collaboration.

Johannes Bender - Integrated Land Expert - GIZ

Sylvains’s technical qualification and ability to establish effective technical solutions in a short period of time is absolutely exceptional.

Stanislas Polu - CTO - Nitrogram

Sylvain will handle whatever comes his way, especially if it has to do with crunching large amounts of data!

How to benefit from us

Organisations can struggle to get value from existing data and often do not have the ability to visualise and understand the depth of information available.

Are you sitting on an unexploited and intimidating pile of data?

Data is scattered about in various systems without a lot of strategy in place for what should go where. Assets are stored in a variety of systems and formats. Organizing for scale and strategic application is rarely considered upfront, and it’s common to find lots of inconsistencies accrued over the years.

It is possible to extract and access the important data and separate it from the noise, How we did it as well as fixing incorrect inputs.

Do you feel like you could be making better decisions with a better insight into real world information?

Analytics tools are there to help decision makers make insightful decisions based on both internal and outside/market input. Open data, social networks and collaborative projects are generating huge amounts of data waiting to be transformed into information to help you make the right decision.

General analytics solutions can be too broad and expensive, we can create custom tools How we did itto answer your strategic question.

Could you be more impactful in your reporting?

Reports can be stale and not written with readability in mind. Are they intended for stakeholders or customers? They should clearly demonstrate a result or convince the reader of an idea.

It is now possible to leverage other kinds of support and visualization strategiesHow we did it to get better results.

How can we help?

Whether you already know about your data pain points or just want to have a friendly conversation, send us a message and tell us who you are.