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The data science team of L’oréal had gathered 70,000 pictures from the top 100 haircare, makeup, skincare and fragrance accounts. They classified the images with a neural network algorithm. They needed a tool to visualize the images in a fluid and impactful way.


GeoQuants developed a web interface allowing the client to display the classified images on a 3D canvas. This made it possible to navigate through the canvas to investigate clusters of images.

The challenge was to be able to display several thousands of images in a web browser and to be sure to provide the right metadata.

Other functionalities we developed were:

  • Filter images by likes/comments/date
  • Highlight different brands and compare the content they are posting
  • Access the original Instagram post from inside the app


The application was successfully developed and is now accessible for L’oréal marketing departments globally. It allows them to analyse trends in fashion through monitoring Instagram influencers.

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