Data Visualization

How to benefit from data visualization?

Visualization is an important step to make sense of our data. It has multiple roles:
  • Guiding the analysis
  • Displaying results in an appealing way
  • Share an idea and convince decision makers

Guiding the analysis

Original ways of showing data are powerful tools for extracting visual information. In the project GeoQuants made for L'Oréal, a new way to look at Instagram pictures allowed marketing departments to make better decisions.

Display results in an appealing way

After a lot of work, data collection, and analysis, it can be frustrating to compile results in a report that is not easy to read or to glean key messages from. Dashboards are an easy way to give a very visual and modern look to the data, like in this project on data collection for 24 villages in Asia, studying resilience to climate change.

Share an idea and convince decision makers

Every visualization has a goal, and it is a powerful tool to support an idea or a recommendation. Maps of land use for instance are important for high-level decisions, such as road maintenance work monitoring. These are projects which GeoQuants has worked on specifically for communicating to decision makers.

Past projects

Road Maintenance Monitoring System

Full implementation of a web based road maintenance work monitoring system.


Data visualization for medicine quality

Data extraction and visualization for paper on medicine quality


DeepVision: data visualisation platform

Web application to visualise 1000s of Instagram pictures on an interactive map.


Dashboard on climate change data

Dashboard demonstrating research data on climate change resilience for 24 villages.


Master of Data

Training on data analysis for researchers: good practices with data, map creation, charts


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